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I’m Josh Humphrey, owner of Black Helmet Gunshop.

I grew up with a great mentor in my father who started me hunting and in the outdoors at a very young age. I have a great passion for the outdoors and the peacefulness of it. This is what started my enjoyment of firearms. I built my first modern sporting rifle with the help of a local gun dealer at around sixteen or seventeen in the days of the first weapons ban. This really fueled my desire to learn about guns. Once I was able to purchase them, I enjoyed and still enjoy buying them and using them for shooting and hunting. I am still an avid hunter today and really enjoy taking my children out and teaching them as my dad did me. I am married and have two children and a very forgiving wife to all of my hobbies.

The gun shop started as an idea to be able to save myself some money and make a little money as a side business. I really disliked having to pay a lot of money for transfers.

Some of my favorite firearms other than modern sporting rifles, are Glock handguns, and Savage rifles. I really feel that all the manufacturers have a gun that’s the right fit for someone and that’s what I want to find for you.

Black Helmet Gunshop

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With 16 years of experience as a firefighter and 13 years in Emergency Management, I’ve dedicated my career to serving and protecting others. The black helmet in fire service refers to a “door kicker” – the first into the fire and symbolizes the brave men and women who put their lives on the line to save others, and it’s a concept that resonates deeply with me.

As someone who enjoys the rush of being on the front lines, I’ve found that my passion for firearms is similar to my love for firefighting. That’s why I created Black Helmet Gunshop. Our shop is a reflection of my commitment to providing high-quality products and excellent service to fellow gun enthusiasts and first responders.

At Black Helmet Gunshop, we understand the importance of safety and responsibility when it comes to firearms. I want to help our customers make informed decisions and provide them with the tools they need to stay safe.

Over the last several years the business has grown and though I am still working my full-time career, I have made many new friends as customers to the gun shop which I am grateful to. My goal for the shop has always been to try and offer the best deal to the customer that I can and make sure they have the best gun buying experience that can be provided.

I think something that differentiates me from others is, I’m not going to try to push you into buying something. If I have something available for sale and you like it great and I am happy to sell to you. If someone else can do offer a better deal, I will tell you if I am aware of it and be happy for you in getting the best price possible. The gun market is very sensitive and pricing between shops can vary a lot sometimes.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our webpage. I appreciate your interest in our business and hope that you have a pleasant experience with us, whether you make a purchase or simply browse our site. If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to reach out to us. We’re always here to help and improve our customers’ experience.

Stay Safe, and Shoot Straight, Josh Humphrey