NightRide Optics
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We are now a dealer for NightRide Optics.

NightRide manufactures and sells vehicle mounted thermal cameras for professional, commercial and consumer use. We are a woman owned small business proudly manufacturing and providing jobs in the US. Our core team is comprised of brilliant solution-minded individuals that come together daily to create incredible products by hand, for you.

At NightRide, we design and build advanced thermal imaging cameras that mount onto vehicles to help drivers see better at night. We are a small, woman-owned American business that takes pride in domestically manufacturing all our products while providing jobs here in the US.

Our close-knit team is made up of innovative, solution-focused people who come together every day to handcraft incredible infrared technology for our customers using state-of-the-art techniques.

NightRide 360 HighRes Telephoto


  • Remote controlled panning + tilting provides full + safe situational awareness
  • Wi-fi or Wired connection
  • Magnetic mount for quick and easy rooftop mounting, powered through cigarette lighter adapter
  • Automatically captures video displayed on phone, tablet or computer

NightRide 360 HiRes Telephoto – $5,800

640 x 512 – 35mm lens

High Resolution Thermal Camera with 360° Remote Control. Bring your situational awareness to the next level! See predators, farm animals, deer, people and objects on the road in darkness, rain, snow, fog, smoke.

Sensitive equipment needs protection! Our NightRide 360 Protective Cases are designed to be rugged, and travel the harshest environments on the planet.


Animal/pedestrian detection, hunting, search + rescue, firefighting, law enforcement, security, transport and construction, outdoor recreation, etc.

NightRide 360 HighRes Telephoto
NightRide 360 HighRes Telephoto

NightRide Trailblazer

Infared Optics for Daily Drivers

For daily drivers, the NightRide Trailblazer offers new levels of visibility and safety when driving at night. The Trailblazer is an advanced night vision system that lets you see up to 1800 feet down the road—3 times farther than typical headlights! It’s an infrared camera device that captures high-contrast imagery in low light and projects it onto a monitor right on your dash.

So with Trailblazer, driving feels more like daytime. You have ample time to react and make smart stopping or steering decisions based on the dramatically improved line of sight. Obstacles like animals, people, and turns become visible much farther out. It’s a snap to install with no permanent vehicle modifications required. The system is completely safe and legal too!

The Trailblazer’s infrared vision empower drivers of all kinds—commuters, night owls, rural and suburban folk alike. We engineered it to be an extremely durable, long-lasting night vision tool for daily use. Just flip the switch on to reveal a brightly lit path ahead–it’s like activating high beams that never quit. Let the Trailblazer guide your late night travels and drives home; we promise you’ll never want to drive in the dark without it again!

NightRide Trailblazer
NightRide Trailblazer